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To the Parents of New Graduates

If you have a young adult, they need to sign a Power of Attorney for Health Care to insure that you as the parent can make decisions for them should they not be able to themselves.  

It's that time of year again.  High School seniors everywhere are anxiously awaiting their graduation dates and looking forward to what life has ahead of them.  18 is the magic number to distinguish between a child and a legal adult. But let's face it, they will forever be your child.

As parents are getting ready for college moves and planning in advance of their child leaving the nest in August, they need to consider more than sheets and dorm storage.  Some parents are excited for this change, some are nervous and others are both.  But now that your child has reached the age of 18, they are a legal adult and with that comes a lot of changes for mom and dad. Parents no longer have the authority to see records, nor can they automatically make health care decisions for their child.  

Health Care Powers of Attorney are especially important now for your young adult.  As they venture out into the world, you want to make sure they are safe, and part of that is having their documents in order.  If something does happen, you want to have the easy ability to take charge as you always have.  Having your child name you as their Patient advocate will insure that you do not run into any hurdles should something happen to them.  You can speak to Doctors, as well as make decisions if they can't make decisions themselves.

If your child has asset accounts that may also need monitoring or assistance should your child not be able to do so himself/herself, then a Durable Power of Attorney is also a necessity, and will cover any financial powers that may be needed.  

So get in to see us! Your child will always be your child, regardless of hitting that magic age of 18.  But you need to make sure that you as the parent will be in control, not the hospital, doctors, or state of Michigan. 

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