Elder Law


Medicaid Benefits Planning

Elder Law

Elder law is quickly becoming a large important part of Estate Planning here in Michigan.

Elder Law is another area of focus for Crenshaw Peterson & Associates pc. Medicaid planning takes careful management and can help seniors maintain their assets when faced with expensive long-term care facilities.

Average Nursing home care in Michigan right now is over $8,000 a month. This eats away at savings and retirement extremely quickly. Especially when one spouse is still living and paying the bills at home. If you are thinking about entering a loved one into a long-term care facility, or if they will soon be graduating from an assisted living center, contact our office today! Attorneys Mr. Crenshaw and Ms. Peterson will assist in protecting the at home spouse’s assets while trying to pay the nursing home costs.

Careful management of government benefits and financing for long-term care including Medicaid, Medicare, Social Security, and VA Benefits. 

Veterans Benefits Planning 

Veterans benefit Planning is a growing area that many people are simply unaware of. If you are a veteran, the VA offers significant benefits to assist you in staying in your home for longer periods of time with in-home assistance, as well as providing financial assistance should you need to move to an assisted living center or nursing home. The VA provides Aid and Attendance benefits for those who qualify and who served during times of war, though you don’t have to have been in active combat.  

Contact our office to assist in determining what assistance may be available to you, and to make sure your Estate Plan coincides with this need, and with the VA requirements.  

Medicaid Long Term Care

Medicaid Planning

Medicaid planning can specifically allow individuals in need of long-term care to protect their assets from being diminished by the high cost of facilities such as nursing homes. The average Nursing Home cost is $9,000 a month and continues to rise. This is a great expense to the family or the at-home spouse when a Nursing Home stay becomes necessary.  

Medicaid is a complicated and complex system. Navigating it can be extremely difficult and challenging and the Department of Human Services has a great many rules and regulations to abide by. We, at Crenshaw Peterson, can guide you through this process as we are familiar with the ever-changing rules in this area of law.  

Attorney Tara Peterson will provide you with quality representation for a variety of elder law matters, including Medicaid planning. We can also assist you at any stage of this process. If you or a loved one is already in the Nursing Home, it is not too late to begin the planning and qualification process. So don’t let that stop you from making the call and getting more information. Half of our job is educating clients on the options available.  

Certainly, the longer we have to plan, the more options we have available. It is important to have all the proper documentation and meet deadlines in order to qualify and meet state standards and requirements. If you can plan for Medicaid 5 years or more prior to needing to take advantage of Medicaid, the more planning options will be available to you. So contact us at Crenshaw Peterson & Assoc. today and be more prepared for your future!

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